Exhibitionist #8


Chelsea Haines, Jens Hoffmann, and Lumi Tan

Jens Hoffmann (JH): For the prior seven issues of The Exhibitionist, we have very consciously stayed away from interviews and conversations in favor of essays. This came from a desire to reconsider writing as an essential part of the practice of a curator. It is incredibly important, I think, for us to articulate our thoughts about art and exhibition making in written form.

In addition, I’ve always felt that the format of the conversation can be uninspired—or, at worst, lazy and thrown together over email, rather than a carefully edited, well-considered group effort. Yet conversations are essential to any scholarly or creative professional field, and it is our wish, at this point in the evolution of the journal, to acknowledge that and offer ourselves up as a venue for valuable, productive conversations. With this, the eighth issue, we are reevaluating a number of things about the journal, and it felt right to do an entire issue of conversations that would, in addition to exploring important questions in the field, examine the format of the conversation as a tool for the exchange of thoughts and ideas.

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  • Reflection

    Chelsea Haines, Jens Hoffmann, and Lumi Tan

  • Response I: Collections

    Manuel Borja-Villel and Frances Morris
    To Have and to Hold

    Pieranna Cavalchini and Judith Dolkart
    In Perpetuity

    Julieta Gonzalez and Suhanya Raffel
    Old and New Stories

  • Response II: Exhibitions

    Maurice Berger and Bice Curiger
    Curating the Past

    Patrick Allegaert and Anselm Franke
    New Ways Beyond Art

    Stephanie Barron and Nanette Jacomijn Snoep
    Mixing and Matching

  • La Critique

    Khwezi Gule, Weng Choy Lee, and Adam Lerner
    Tell Us How We’re Doing

    Sarah E. Cook, Juan A. Gaitán, and Lia Gangitano
    A Note from the Author

  • An Illustrated Bibliography of The Exhibitionist, Issues V–VIII